Professional Services

I spend some of my time working with individuals and organizations on challenges related to communication, leadership, and influence. I do this because I deeply believe people can learn to be more effective at those skills. And learning those skills can make people, and the organizations they work at, more successful.

Over the last decade I have worked with hundreds of organizations in fields such as financial services, technology, energy, hospitality, health care, consumer products, transportation, professional services, and government. Each year I do some very limited advisory work and deliver a number of presentations and training sessions to audiences around the world.

What distinguishes my work is how I incorporate recent and significant academic research into my consulting and training efforts. I am, first and foremost, a professor. Luckily, there is a terrific symbiotic relationship between being a professor and my work with organizations. I  bring the newest academic thinking to organizations and simultaneously bring the practical experiences of people working in those organizations into my classroom teaching.

Advisory Work

For many years, I consulted with organizations on topics related to communication, leadership, customer loyalty, crisis management, and change. I also coached senior executives on important leadership issues they faced. While I still work with a few firms and leaders in advisory roles, I have limited this practice for reasons of time and other commitments.

Presentations & Training

I regularly deliver presentations and training programs for a wide variety of organizations around the world. These sessions, ranging from short keynotes to multiple-day training events,   help people become more effective in their professional lives and enhance the success of their organizations.